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SupplyMust - Supply Chain Management Software

SupplyMust is another ultra-flexible product from our stable. Aimed at organisations that require automated supply chain management, SupplyMust improves the way an organisation finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service, manufactures that product or service and delivers it to customers. SupplyMust is versatile, an organisation can completely customise every aspect of the software without developer intervention.

The five basic components that SupplyMust takes care of are Planning, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Delivering and Returning.

SupplyMust delivers a set of metrics to monitor the supply chain so that it is efficient, costs less and delivers high quality and value to customers.

SupplyMust manages the inventory of goods and services you receive from suppliers, including receiving shipments, verifying them, transferring them to your manufacturing facilities and authorizing supplier payments.

Using SupplyMust, you can schedule the activities necessary for production, testing, packaging and preparation for delivery. As the most metric-intensive portion of the supply chain, SupplyMust also measures quality levels, production output and worker productivity.

SupplyMust will coordinate the receipt of orders from customers, manage a network of warehouses, and has an invoicing system to receive payments.

SupplyMust will manage your network for receiving defective and excess products back from customers and supports customers who have problems with delivered products.

SupplyMust will improve the flow and efficiency of your supply chain and reduce inventory. SupplyMust handles with ease the electronically routing of orders from your manufacturing plants to your suppliers for the stuff you need to make your products.

SupplyMust can be used as collaborative software. Eg: When a manufacturers product inventory at the destination is low, the suppliers client application will send an alert to the manufacturer.

For a detailed brochure or purchase information on SupplyMust contact us at

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