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StockMust - Online Portfolio Management Software

StockMust is aimed at live stock traders. Using StockMust an individual or an organisation can maintain portfolios of a client.

The Portfolio Manager will connect to the centralised database, where information on trends can be gathered.

The clients of the Portfolio Manager will be registered in StockMust. The clients can log into the system providing authentication details. Once logged in, the trends of the market and the live wire of the Stock Exchange are displayed. The fluctuation of the prices and the standings of the different scrips available with the Portfolio Manager are also displayed.

The users can buy or sell scrips and convey the same through StockMust. This helps the Portfolio Manager to buy or sell stock in bulk at the Stock Exchange.

Eg.: If there are 100 clients for a particular Portfolio Manager, and if 10 clients are interested in a particular scrip X, then StockMust informs the Portfolio Manager about the total buy or sell for a scrip. The Portfolio Manager can now buy/sell in volume at the Stock Exchange.

The clients can place an order to buy or sell a scrip at a particular price and when a match is found, the client is informed and on confirming the same is escalated to the Portfolio Manager. If the order is confirmed with out match it will be pending with the Portfolio Manager. As and when a match is found the same is informed to the Portfolio Manager, who in turn will buy/sell the scrip. StockMust gives no space for overlooking the scrips, their trends and prices, as all these information are updated instantaneously and the users are notified of the same.

Using this application, the users can view details of the transactions they made, like sold scrips / bought scrips with relevant details.

More importantly, the Portfolio Manager can suggest through StockMust which scrips to sell and which to buy, hence increasing the margin of profit for clients and making a good commission for themselves.

The Portfolio Manager can look at their transactions made on the whole, transactions made on a particular date, made from a particular client, etc. They will be notified about the commissions due, the amount to be collected from each client, and commissions earned for a particular day or for a period.

All these features of StockMust will remove the overhead on clients by providing all stock-related information in a single place and a direct line to the Portfolio Manager.

StockMust provides business analysis tools. The customer can utilise the tools to view and analyse the business conducted with him during the selected period. This feature can be useful to view transactions conducted, profit or loss amounts, etc. This feature is also available to the Portfolio Manager.

For a detailed brochure or purchase information on StockMust contact us at

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