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SchoolMust - School Performance Analyser

SchoolMust is a School Management Software with a difference. Apart from performing regular tasks of school management, the SchoolMust provides critical performance analyses from various "perception angles". This helps the management in monitoring the performance curve right from the student-level to the school level.

SchoolMust provides analyses that will help discover areas of weak performance and the "Drill-down" feature will help identify specific causes. The analyses range from teaching methods, teaching aids, time tables, teacher background, student background, EQ and IQ factors of student, etc. The information and analysis on various subject wise performance at various levels of schooling combined with regressive analyses will provide an accurate forecast on the quality of human resources developed by the school.

SchoolMust provides abundant information to plan resource requirements. The quality of information provided by SchoolMust will help the school administration at various levels to plan the resources and infrastructure requirements for the future.

SchoolMust is a Net-Ready application; it can be accessed from anywhere across the Internet and Intranet. Parents can be given access to the students' marks card, performance reports or other student information.

SchoolMust is very simple to use and manage. The user interface is driven a thin client, any Internet browser can be used. This away with the need for excessive training.

The introduction of SchoolMust can dramatically increase the performance of the school.

School Management Features:
Curriculum Planning
Time Table Generation
Report Card Management
Absentee Management
Fees Management
Payroll Management
Library Management
School Accounting
Transport Management
Hostel Management
Educational software

Performance Analysis:
Student Performance
Teacher Performance
Subject Performance
School Performance
Section Performance
Class Performance
Division Performance
Department Performance

System Requirements:
SchoolMust Server: Windows NT/2000/XP
SchoolMust Client: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP

For a detailed brochure or purchase information on SchoolMust contact us at

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