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QualityMust - Online Quality Management System

Software development is a process, and as with every process proper management is the key to ensure work gets completed on time every time.

QualityMust is a Client Server application, designed and developed to facilitate the management of all aspects of the software development process, involving personnel right from developers to Project Managers. QualityMust provides a 360 degree view of sub-processes, allowing the administrator to be on top of every project.

QualityMust manages 4 types of users, namely, Administrators, On-Site Coordinators (OSC), Generators/Team Leaders and Developers. Each user is given a login name and password and access to the applications resources is restricted by user type.

The main features of QualityMust are :

Task Management

Task management is a core function of QualityMust. Tasks follow the workflow model, it starts with entering of the task into the system, followed by allocation, delivery and closing it. The status of the task is known at any given time and on delivery, a notice is sent to the administrator. A task can be reopened if necessary. The administrator can view tasks completed before time, on time or after the scheduled time.

Resource Management

Each developer resource is accounted for by QualityMust. In a couple of clicks the administrator can find out which developer is idle and tasks can be assigned to them. Resources that are overused or underused can be identified and looked into.

Performance Analysis

By viewing the time sheet generated by QualityMust, the administrator will get an idea how much of time each developer has put in on various tasks assigned to him. The "Drill down" feature enables the administrator to view man hours spent per developer per module per project.

Report Generation

Reports are generated on the basis of developer status and task status. The "Drill down" feature permits a macro to micro view of information.

QualityMust also takes into account the Offshore development model followed by many software development organisations. The Net-Ready feature of QualityMust means that no matter where personnel are located, they can be "managed".

For a detailed brochure or purchase information on QualityMust contact us at

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