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At ITMust, before a product is designed, we tête-à-tête with domain experts for a comprehensive analysis of various problems and issues faced by that domain. These are digested, listed and understood thoroughly. We apply our methodology on the zygote product with all our collective energies and experience, thus consistently turning out future-proof world-class products.

Our Product Vault

CallMust - CRM Software

Leveraging the Internet, messaging systems and a quick-response-and-action setup, CallMust will eliminate the time gap between complaint and response while accomplishing an impeccable quality of service.
InsureMust - Insurance Engine

InsureMust is a revolutionary insurance application software designed to give the highest level of usability. InsureMust gives the user full control to customise the application to the requirements of the business without any developer intervention.
SchoolMust - School Performance Analyser

SchoolMust is a School Management Software with a difference. Apart from performing regular tasks of school management, SchoolMust provides critical performance analyses from various "perception angles" that help to monitor the performance curve right from the student to school level.
QualityMust - Online Quality Management System

With increase in pace of software development, project management tools become a necessity. Featuring Resource Management, Task Management and powerful Report utilities, QualityMust is one such powerful tool.
HotelMust - Hotel Management Software

HotelMust consists of an advanced suite of management and accounting tools that make monitoring and management of hotel assets a breeze. Extensive 'live' reports that reveal trends make HotelMust a must-have for the hospitality industry.
HealthMust - Hospital Management Software

HealthMust is a software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital/health care management in the areas of clinical process analysis and activity-based costing. This provides opportunities for increased efficiency, substantial cost savings as well as continuous improvement.

BankMust - Online Bank Management Software

To stay ahead of the competition, banks require flexibility to quickly adjust and cash-in on volatile financial environments. This cannot be achieved by run-of-the-mill banking software. Here is where BankMust makes that discerning difference with unbeatable flexibility, user-friendly design combined with state-of-the-art technology.

ShippingMust - Shipping and Cargo Management Software

Integrated Internet Cargo Tracking, Full Job Costing , Packing List , Management Information (Graphs & Data) , Accounting, Multiple Branches & Departments . With the feature mentioned, ShippingMust is a runaway success.
SupplyMust - Supply Chain Management Software

SupplyMust gives you the power to handle volatile supply chain requirements with ease. As usual, agility being the mantra, SupplyMust is a one stop management solution for warehouse management, yard management, transportation management, supply chain visibility, supply chain event management, collaborative inventory management and mobile data collection.
StockMust - Online Portfolio Management Software

StockMust is aimed at live stock trading. StockMust brings about a 2-way communication between a client and his Portfolio Manager. Packed with powerful Business Analysis tools, StockMust makes an ideal choice for Portfolio Managers.
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