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HotelMust - Hotel Management Software

HotelMust was designed and developed for the ever-demanding needs of the hospitality industry. HotelMust is a highly flexible application where the organisation can create and completely customise facilities offered to the customer without any developer intervention. With its user-friendliness and ease-of-use as standard, HotelMust has proven itself as a performer.

HotelMust will manage all departments including Front Office, Reservation, Reception, Guest Management, Food and Beverage, Staff Management, Accounts and Maintenance. All this from a single software system, you don't have to buy additional software to augment your growing needs. Additionally, every subsystem is integrated with every other subsystem, which translates that the right information will reach the right people at the right time.

The Net-Ready feature means more business to your organisation as customers can make reservations and advance payments via the Internet and with built-in support for distributed computing along with a centralised database, HotelMust can be used to manage hotel branches located anywhere.

HotelMust features intensive Report generation that you can use to bring out trends, view performance of various departments, calculate resource to revenue metrics, the list goes on.

All operational activities are supported, Housekeeping and Maintenance are tracked. At the click of a button, the support staff will know the rooms or facilities that need servicing or repair.

HotelMust features an easy to use and easy to understand user interface, thus obviating the need for extensive training.

For a detailed brochure or purchase information on HotelMust contact us at

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