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CallMust - CRM Software

The exciting convergence of modern technology and traditional bricks-and-mortar business models pretty much sums up the spirit behind CallMust.

Leveraging the Internet, messaging systems and a quick-response-and-action setup, CallMust will eliminate the time gap between complaint and response while accomplishing an impeccable quality of service.

CallMust was conceived as an answer to a pressing need of the day, namely, maintenance and service. Due to a fast-paced lifestyle, most people do not have the time or the inclination to "wait" for a response to their maintenance/repair problems.

CallMust is a maintenance/repair service provider utilising the Internet and other associated technologies to achieve total customer satisfaction through prompt and reliable service.

CallMust employs the latest technologies to provide service. The web-based interface will utilise Java applets and messages will be routed through the CallMust system using mobile telephony, paging and SMS systems.

A customer will use the Internet or phone in to register himself with CallMust. The customer will then enter the household appliances he possesses into his "account", every new appliance bought will also be added.

When the customer has a problem with any of his registered appliances, he lodges a complaint with the CallMust system either by using the Internet or phoning in. The CallMust system will note the area that the complaint has been registered and intimate the Area Team of the same. The Area Team will consist of technicians operating in the particular area.

The tangible benefits available to the customer are:
a) Reliability
b) Prompt Service
c) Quick and efficient problem resolution
d) Ease of complaint registration
e) No more "waiting" for the technician.

For a detailed brochure or purchase information on CallMust contact us at

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