Our development methodology involves dividing a project into separate phases, each tailored to accentuate client interaction and approval. At the conclusion of each phase, our consultants walk-through the outcomes with the customer to make certain a clear, shared understanding of the project exists between all parties. Quality standards are inherent in every phase and enable us to swiftly execute and complete the project.


We offer turnkey solutions to organisations seeking high quality, cost-effective and rapid deployment of complex information management systems that include development and implementation of custom-made systems that handle data acquisition, communications, processing, analysis, information management and distribution.

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Adobe InDesign/InCopy PlugIn Development

Our track record includes software specially designed and developed for the publishing industry. With our experience in designing and developing revolutionary products such as Oryx, Mosaic and Script, we have provided our clients with world-class solutions that are strategically positioned and functionally superior.

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Collaborative Workflow Systems

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully implemented workflows in the domains of Newspapers, Sports Wagering, Networking, Insurance and Verification businesses. When you have a workflow doing the necessary tasks for you, it gives you time to spend on more important issues with a cup of coffee! We custom develop the workflow for your business the way YOUR business needs it!

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Mobile App Development

For TechMust, keeping pace with future of Technology is a Must. With this in mind, we use Google’s Flutter for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android.

About Us

Focus is our keyword, we focus our unique combination of technical and creative skills to meet your objectives and succeed in providing world-class solutions that are strategically positioned and functionally superior.
We rely on our reliability. Our lives depend on it.

TechMust is not just a software development company, we are a cauldron of highly professional talent who are constantly brimming with ideas and innovative solutions. Our ideals have established very productive relationships with our clients.

Quality is, simply put, an obsession. This pursuit has led us to hone our methodology to take care of even the smallest details. Thus we are consistent in delivering superior solutions time after time.

We take deadlines quite seriously and have a perfect record of meeting them. No matter how fast we deliver, only the highest quality is assured.

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  • C++, Java, .NET, Indesign API, Acrobat API

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